Students and staff aspire everyday to integrate these Warrior qualities, helping to sustain Family Life Center's successful Learning Community.

The Sacred Warrior . . . One Who Is Awake!
Within Each of Us Beats the Heart of a Sacred Warrior
The Sacred Warrior Within Recognizes That This Human Life Is a Most Precious Gift


Seven Qualities of a Warrior

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The Courage To Have Right Speech, Right Thought, Right Action

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To Honor and Believe in Oneself, To Honor One's Word

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To Have the Discipline to Stay Focused
To Have the Discipline to Learn and Overcome Weakness

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To Live and Speak the Truth and Be Trustworthy in the Eyes of Others

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Proud Yet Humble

To Be Proud and Strong, Yet Humble

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To Have the Patience To Wait, To Be a Peaceful Warrior
To Have the Patience To Live in Harmony with the Way Things Are

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Guardian and Protector

To Make Individual Sacrifices in Order to Guard and Protect the Greater Whole
To Guard and Protect Values and a Meaningful Way of Life

A True Warrior’s Spirit is Bright Light
A True Warrior’s Spirit is Eternal as the Stars
A True Warrior’s Spirit Cannot be Destroyed

Become an FLC Warrior


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