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Family Life Center . . . providing a stable and nurturing Learning Community, where children can redefine their view of themselves, build confidence and make a fresh start in the world.
Photo: Individual Counseling Session


Photo: Family Counseling Session

Students come to Family Life Center demonstrating a wide range of emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges which include:

  • Academic underachievement
  • Learning disabilities and related school issues
  • Mood disorders
  • Impulsivity
  • Social adjustment issues
  • Family issues
  • Blended family
  • Adoption related dynamics
  • Drug and alcohol related issues
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Self-harm behavior
  • Abuse and neglect
  • Oppositional and aggressive behavior

A comprehensive array of services and programs are provided to help students overcome emotional, behavioral and learning obstacles. Yet, it is the unparalleled depth of student and staff commitment to learning, self-development and service for which Family Life Center is
recognized as an extraordinary program.

Therapeutic services include:

  • Psychiatric and Psychological Evaluation and Treatment
    Our board certified psychiatrist and team of licensed psychologists provide diagnostic, treatment planning and therapy services. In addition, they provide staff training, intern supervision and are available for emergency consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Individual Therapy
    Licensed psychotherapists meet with students on an individual basis to explore and resolve reactive and destructive patterns of behavior, helping them to rediscover core human values, to build confidence, and to manage their lives positively and proactively.

  • Group Therapy
    Group process, or “Circle”, is held three or more times per week to foster honest communication and self-responsibility, to honor achievements, to discuss community issues, and to encourage profound therapeutic change.  In addition, other specialized groups occur on a weekly basis.

  • Family Therapy
    Family orientation, visits, education and therapy are part of our family counseling program.   Licensed family therapists guide students through the process of resolving family issues and preparing for family reunification.  In addition, they coordinate family orientations, parent meetings, and home visits.
  • Speech & Language Therapy
    A certified speech and language pathologist provides individual and small group therapy services to students, improving the student’s ability to be successful in school, work, and interpersonal relationships.


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