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The Expressive Arts Program prepares students to participate in their communities beyond Family Life Center in fresh, confident ways by building on the experience of authentic creation and self-expression.


Photo: Student Painting

Licensed therapists provide individual and group therapy utilizing art, music, non-verbal and symbolic interventions that lead to significant insights and transformations that might not otherwise be possible. 

Expressive art therapy focuses on the process of creating and then exploring the result of this process to help discover and integrate aspects of self that are unconscious, misunderstood and often indirectly expressed.


Photo: Student Creates Sand Tray Art

  The symbolic nature of the artistic process can provide a deeper understanding of personal and interpersonal dynamics that often escapes description by words alone.



Once uncovered, students can choose to share their art and insights with peers, staff and family members which helps deepen a sense of connection and understanding with others.  

This deeper level of sharing builds self-confidence that is necessary as students assume more responsibility in part-time employment, junior college classes, extended home visits and community contact.

Photo: Student Artwork Plaque


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