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Larry M. Simmons High School


Our non-public school, Larry M. Simmons High School, is certified by the State Department of Education and has the distinction of being accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Family Life Center provides an educational program that is responsive to the individual needs of each student.  Educationally challenged students can improve their academic performance, successfully work with learning disabilities and earn their high school diploma. Educationally advanced students have the opportunity to participate in junior college courses, research scholarships and alternatives for higher education.



“Before I got here, I didn’t care at all about school.  I would just go to hang out with friends.  In the 16 months I’ve been here, I’ve gone from the 8th grade to the 11th grade level.  I’m not going to mess it up now.”
     - Victor (FLC student)


Classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology including monitored internet access so that students of all levels are appropriately challenged.

Credentialed special education teachers create a supportive, structured, and rich environment with an instructor/student ratio of 1 to 6.

FLC Graduate

At Larry M. Simmons High School, an emphasis
is placed on creating an emotionally safe learning environment where students feel free to ask questions and request help. 

Learning difficulties are always addressed with respect and sensitivity and every student and instructor is explicitly valued for their unique contributions and effort.




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