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Careers at Family Life Center



Family Life Center is interested in therapists, educators, counselors, office and support staff, and couples (to serve as Family Living Phase parents/counselors) who share our values, passion and commitment.

If you are interested in joining our Learning Community, please contact us at (707) 795-6954



Staff Training and Development Program

At Family Life Center, we believe that our success depends primarily on the effectiveness of our staff as healthy and balanced role models, parent figures, teachers and counselors.

Every week counselors and education staff participate in formal group and individual training and development sessions conducted by highly skilled in-house instructors and invited experts. In addition, there are daily, informal opportunities to give and receive feedback from each other and from the students.

Staff practice and master through observation, instruction and direct experience, and then role model and teach each student fundamental life skills that are necessary to lead lives based in core value. Among the most important of these skills are how to effectively transform negative emotions and unhealthy patterns of behavior and thought, how to richly experience and contribute to healthy and fulfilling relationships and how to become an appreciative student of life.