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Sometimes nature can be the most effective teacher and the most powerful healer.  When faced with the challenges of nature, the negative consequences of impulsivity, selfishness, passivity, and misdirected anger are swift and undeniable.  In contrast, teamwork, careful planning, responsibility and emotional balance always lead to positive outcomes.


Students participate in many professionally supervised wilderness experiences that teach them about themselves and nature, build self-esteem and leadership skills, and provide a healthy outlet for physical expression.  Our highly trained staff always place safety first, a value that helps to explain Family Life Center’s unsurpassed safety record.

Boys Hiking

“The progress that I made here at Family Life Center was a difficult, uphill climb.  It reminded me a lot of the hiking I did in the Marble Mountains with the other students and  staff.  It was difficult and very exhausting.  I knew I had to achieve this goal, but I couldn’t do it by myself.  The love and support of my friends at Family Life Center was very important.”
     -Eric (FLC student)

“The best experience was on our last day skiing.  I broke my own trail through two to three feet of fresh powder for about a mile and a half, all uphill.  I persevered, and showed the full strength of my determination.”
     -Neil (FLC student)

Ski Trip


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